Microsoft ESD
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Ingram Micro

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The ESD license (Electronic Software Delivery) is a software that allows easy, secure and instant digital download and sale of Office and Windows.
Available to make sales 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It enables Ingram Micro partners to offer Microsoft ESD product keys electronically, securely, and correctly to customers in minutes.

Add Office To Your Purchase Of Qualified Systems and Save!*

** Qualifying devices: Windows PC and Tablets, Apple MacBook's and iPads, Android Tablets & Chromebooks with screen size >10.1” . 1500 Units per Calendar Q. ESD product must be sold within five (5) working days of hardware invoice - Ingram Micro must receive your purchase of hardware and ESD in the same PO. Hardware products must ship and invoice for discount to be applied.

Maximum 200 units of eligible product, combined, sold to each eligible reseller in a calendar trimester.

Placing your order on Ingram Micro is very simple. Follow these simple steps.

Search for IM SKU or Microsoft ESD Part number in the search box.
Add the desired licenses to the shopping cart.
Add the complete end user to your order.
We recommend using your own email address.
Green message is shown once end-user info has been entered correctly in the system.
Add your PO Number and then click on Place Order.
Your order is confirmed!
Orders are reviewed and released once payment info is applied, then processed to Microsoft within 48 hours. Emails come directly from Microsoft.